Easter Basket Fund Raising Event – GET STUFFED!

Our thanks to the wonderful people of Epiphany Church for letting us sell our Easter Baskets at their church again this year. Special thanks to church member Karen for organizing/helping us.  The Easter Basket Bonanza (as well call it)  is not only an important fund raising event for East Valley Wildlife, but also it helps the church’s Children’s Crisis Center.  The congregation buys baskets for the Crisis Center children and EVW donates baskets as well to the Center.  Definitely a win-win situation!  One of the reasons for the baskets also is to encourage people to GET STUFFED….that is to buy stuffed toys/animlas for children as Easter gifts…not real baby ducklings and chicks.  Yes, we know those little live  bundles of fluff are irresistable, but remember they grow rapidly and are NOT low maintenance.  Ducklings needs lots of proper care to survive and can be quite messy for such a small bird! If they survive to adulthood they need plenty of space to roam and forage..they will not thrive if kept in a cage.  If you are tempted to “give the bird its freedom” onto a local lake or pond – they will not survive.  Those tame birds are destined for a horrid death through starvation (they do not have the necessary skills to forage for themselves and are bullied by wild ducks) and often fall prey to animal (or human) predators.  So think twice about buying a live animal for Easter and GET STUFFED!!!

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