Be a Philanthropist For Free!

There is nothing like the great feeling of being a philanthropist, giving oodles of cash the charity of your choosing.  If I ever hit the lottery I have a short list of my own fav charities!  But now you can get that good feeling simply by clicking a button….and it will not cost you anything.  The is a website that offers some wonderful stories about rescued animals of all kinds…dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and even more exotic domesticated species.  By clicking the big blue button on the website (to tell the advertisers that you have visited the site)  a donation is made to the site (shown as a portion of a bowl of animal food).  The site presumably gets its revenue from its advertisers…of which there are many.  It is also a wonderful place to click and to buy some neat “animal” related items, everything from T-shirts with cute logos, fluffy slippers, jewelry, household items…actually the list is endless.  I like to do my holiday shopping from the website.  There are often great special deals along with free gifts and sometimes free shipping.  So check it out the next time you you are online….like NOW…and feel good that each click sends a bowl of food to a needy animal. Go to to find out more.

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