Grant Money Opportunity

Every once in a while there lands in my email box some grant information that I think would be good to share with our blog readers.  This time it is a grant funding opportunity offered by the American Humane Association.  The grants are called “Second Chance” and are in the amount of $2,000 for each grant.  This is a very specific grant for the medical treatment of animal victims of abuse.  There is another proviso that the grant is for non profit organizations that will provide/arrange for the medical care and that the medical care will then make the animal capable of being placed for adoption.  You can go to the American Humane Associaton to learn more about their grant funding rules and regulations.  Typically such “Animal Welfare” grants are for dogs, cats, horses and such, but this grant does not seem to be very specific about the species – it just states “animal”.  The RFP – or Request for Proposal – does have a deadline…most grants do, others are offered throughout the year.  If you are a novice at how to apply for a grant, then before you send an application, make sure you learn about the organization or company that is offering the grant money and read the Request For Proposal information carefully. Most grant providers require a minimum of information, e.g. name of not for profit that is requesting the funds; the names of Directors; proof that the organization is a non profit;a statement of how long the organization has been in existence; statement of what work the organization performs; the number of employees/volunteers;  often some financial information; a statement of how the funds will be used…etc.  Well, you get the idea. So, if you want to apply for grant money, be prepared in advance with the necessary facts.  If you would like to get information delivered to your own email address about future grant opportunties, you can sign up for various grant provider web sites, some are free, some are not.  A good one that is free is PND RFP Bulletin.  Alas, my experience has been that there are not a multitude of grant money opportunties for “Animal Welfare”  as compared, for example with grants for “Education”.  So, if you are an animal welfare group and want to apply for grant funding, stay alert focussed and prepared…you never know when a grant opporunity might come.  Read my next blog to find out how to get some great FREE information that will give your non profit a “Marketing Boost”.

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