Christmas Luncheon and Stuff

Well, it seems like a long time since Christmas!  The flu season arrived in the new year and deposited misery to my house for a month.  But we are again on track and thought you would enjoy photos of the Christmas Luncheon.  Each year East Valley Wildlife volunteers gather at the house of Patti and have a great potluck meal and good comraderie.  The 2012 luncheon was no exception and we had a special treat with the attendance of Lisa and a few of her more exotic animals.  Lise holds special licenses and permits to have the animals as “ambassadors” to teach children about the various species.  Lisa’s Creatures are not available privately, but appear through the Chandler parks and Recreations Programs. One of the purposes of the luncheon is also to make special baskets which are then delivered to our supporters who give us so much help throughout the year.

Lovely baskets all in a row

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