Dog Park Grants

I have mentioned before that I subscribe to a grant information web site. From time to time there are items that catch my eye.  The most recent was a grant that is available from the Nutro Company – a manufacturer of pet products.  You can use your search engine to find out more about the Nutro Company and its grants policies.  The current grant is not a wildlife grant, but if you know of any non profit organization that might qualify, please pass the information to them.  The grant application deadline is September 30, 2012 and not for profit groups may apply.  The grant will be awarded for the creation/ expansion of Dog parks and Off Leash Areas in city environments.  Please do not tell me that you are…or are not…in favor of dog parks.  That is a personal opinion, many pros and cons.  But, as I have written before, most of us who are PRO animals, don’t often discriminate between wildlife and domesticated animals when it comes to helping them.

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