White nosed bat epidemic

I recently have been reading articles about an epidemic in bat populations called white nosed bat. The fungus like growth has been appearing on bats that hibernate and quickly spreads in the colony, thus being identified as highly contagious and deadly to certain bat species. Entire colonies of bats are being killed in one season. Why should we be concerned about bats?? Truly they might not be considered the cutest species on the planet, but they are certainly one of the most helpful to humans. Bats pollinate fruit trees and flowers and also keep down the insect population, including those pesky mosquitoes. So the recent loss of major bat populations is cause for alarm among environmentalists. If you seek more information, just google the term …white nosed bat ..and follow the numerous links to find out more about the disease, it’s effects and what is being done to try to save bat colonies at risk.

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