Webbed? Or Not

Nancy reported another fun story, a case of mistaken identity with a happy ending.  A recent caller said she had returned home from vacation to find 7 ducklings in her yard.  Nancy thought this was mysterious because there was no pool or water in the yard which would entice the ducks, and no way for the ducks to enter the fenced area.  After more discussion, the caller suddenly yelped…”Oh, they’re not ducklings, they are baby quail and the parents are in the yard!”   Nancy has had her hands full with duckling calls and is currently raising a large batch of babies.  So it was good news that these babies were not ducks and could survive on their own.  (Baby quail actually come out of the egg with the ability to feed themselves!)  Remember, one way to identify a baby bird….check its feet.  Ducklings and baby quail might look similar, but Ducklings have webbed feet!

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