Happy Duckling Story

Just received an email from our Director Nancy with a happy Memorial Day story.  Nancy received a call from a woman who had 7 ducklings in her pool with Mama mallard nowhere to be seen!   Luckily the caller had gone to our website and read about how to rescue the babies from her pool. Then the kindly couple gathered up the tiny critters in an open box and let them peep.  Mama mallard returned in haste when she heard the babies calling her.    The rescuers then walked the box of ducklings for a quarter mile to a safe area of the canal, with Mama duck waddling ten feet behind (closely following the box with her babies in it).  Arriving at the canal, the babies were tipped out of the box and followed Mama into the water.  A brilliant rescue! It was a lucky day for our rehabbers that the couple used good sense in following our website instructions.  Nancy reports that we are currently close to being overwhelmed with duckling babies.  The babies have to be hand raised until they are big enough to survive on their own and then must be brought to a safe area to be released.  So the more ducklings that can be reunited with Mama, the happier we are! Thanks to the rescuers and to all our duckling volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer to raise some ducklings and have the space, please go to our website Volunteer page or call EVW. Happy Memorial Day to All.

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