They say that a headline has to “grab” you, and that is what I was hoping with the “ants attack bird” header.  Actually, it is not a sci fi event, but rather a real possibility during baby bird season.  Let me explain.  Someone at East Valley Wildlife reads all of the comments posted to our website.  We really like to know that people are visiting the site and reading the information!  One recent comment was from a visitor who told us how much she liked the website and about how much good information there is on the site.  We are flattered! The same person brought to our attention the very real danger that exists during baby bird season. A baby bird left on the ground cannot defend itself from predators.  One of those predators is……an ANT…or more precisely, many ants!  Yes, to a defenceless baby bird, ants are dangerous predators. It takes less than an hour for an army of these voracious insects to overcome a baby bird.  You can read our website about what to do if you find a baby bird on the ground.  Sometimes no intervention is necessary, if the baby is mature enough and the parents are nearby.  In other cases, the baby bird is in imminent danger, from cats, other birds, dehydration and…yes….ants. Thanks to our website visitor for reminding us that some predators can be very tiny but very deadly.

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