A Case of Mistaken Identity

Baby bird season is in full swing and our volunteers are taking hundreds of

i am the baby grackle.

calls.  Yesterday’s high winds, combined with nesting birds makes for a busy time!  In high winds, nests get torn apart and babies get thrown out of nests. We encourage people  to read our website and, whenever possible, to try to “renest” any baby birds when they are certain that the bird ‘parents’ are still in the area. When this is not possible, one of our volunteers can raise the rescued ‘baby’. The next issue is to try to identify what type of bird it is so that the baby can be brought to the volunteer who handles that species. Now comes the tricky part….often the identification process turns into a case of mistaken identity.  Look at that photos and you might see a slight difference between the two baby birds.  One is a baby quail, the other is a baby grackle.  One caller insisted that the two were identical, according to photos on our website. One technique to assist in rescued bird identification: the rescuer takes a photo of the bird with a camera telephone and then emails the photo to the volunteer.  If the photo is clear enough, the volunteer can usually identify what type of bird has been found.

i am the baby quail.

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