Spring is here and the newsletter is coming

The Spring issue of the East Valley Wildlife newsletter -Bird Tracks- will be winging its way into your mailbox shortly.  There will be plenty of helpful articles, including the great directory of other rescue organizations throughout the Valley.  The baby birds have started to arrive on volunteers’ doorsteps.  Our Director, Nancy, returned from her vacation and already had several doves brought to her for some TLC.  The photo below is Miss Puggy Wuggly, the armadillo – a popular addition to Lisa’s Creatures mix of animal ambassadors.  Just as a side comment, I am now the proud pet parent of another doggie rescue – Bert.  He is a handsome boy with plenty of character; a wonderful temperament and excellent “doggie” manners.  Makes

My Bert

me wonder how anyone could have let him go to the pound.  Rescue Dogs Rock!!! His photo makes him look a bit worried, but I continue to promise

Miss Puggly Wuggly-Lisa's armadillo

him that he has found his “forever home’.

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