Spray Painted Birds

On the whole, I try to keep this blog “reader friendly”, with stories of rescues and the wonderful work of our volunteers.  But, this story is not one of those, nor is the second post of today.  It is about animal cruelty.  I spent a few days wondering if I should even post the blogs and the accompanying photos.  They are nasty, cruel and show the worst side of people’s inhumanity to creatures.  This first blog is about birds….On Friday, July 22 an apartment building on Pecos and Cooper here in the East Valley of Arizona received a new coat of paint.  The company doing the painting used spray guns.  Sadly, their workers (or perhaps it was only one of their workers) spray painted the birds that perched on the apartment ledges.  How difficult, one wonders, could it have been to “shoo” the birds away.  Or perhaps the worker(s) thought it great fun to see a harmless bird brutalized with a spray gun.  One will never know what went on in the minds of the those employees.  But the results were birds coated with toxic paint.  One of our volunteers received the birds and took a photo.  It is not for the faint hearted.  The question that remains is “Why?”  Was no one with a human heart supervising the workers?  Could no one step forward and say “Stop!”. One can only contemplate that on judgement day the person who did this will stand before a higher authority and be asked…Why?  There will be no good answer.

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