Gabriela and Peeper-A Rescue Story

Gabriela feeding her 'orphan"

Peeper the white wing dove

Peeper ready to join his dove family

On Memorial Day 2011 Gabriela, age 9, found a bird’s nest on the ground. In the nest was a dead mother and dead baby bird, but miraculously the second baby bird had survived.  The birds were white winged doves (a larger species of the mourning dove).  Gabriela convinced her parents that they could save the second baby and rehabilitate it for a return to the wild.  The family did their research and began preparations for the rescue.  They prepared a box with paper towels and warm light and placed the box atop a heating pad. 

Their local pet store recommended a special food for orphaned baby birds.  The family, well actually mainly Gabriela,  began the tedious process of feeding the orphaned dove with a small straw. 

Against all odds, the orphaned white winged dove, now named Peeper,  managed to survive, grow feathers and learn to fly.  The major problem was that Peeper did not feed himself.

Gabriela found out about East Valley Wildlife and talked with Darlene, an experienced wildlife rehabilitator with EVW.  Darlene contacted Jeanni, another volunteer with EVW.  Jeanni is a quail specialist, who just happened to have some white winged doves that she was rehabbing. Gabriela agreed to entrust her beloved Peeper to Jeanni.  The dove was placed with other white wing doves in the hopes that Peeper would soon learn how to eat on his own.  It was also important for Peeper to be with other birds and learn more about being a dove so that he could be released together with his new dove family. Peepers thrived and although Gabriela had found it difficult to give up her “orphan”, the dove rescue was a great learning experience for the whole family. ….Could Gabriela be a “budding” volunteer for East Valley Wildlife?  Only time will tell. Our thanks to Gabriela, her family and others who take action when they find an animal that needs their help!

-Submitted by Darlene and Gabriela’s family.

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  1. paula said,

    July 31, 2011 @ 7:02 am

    Yay!! Gabriela is my wonderful niece. The whole family is so proud of her commitment that she not only made, but carried out. Peepers is one lucky birdie!! peep-peep… 😀

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