Tortoise Luau

welcome to the luau!

Greetings to all.  The end of baby bird season is in sight, but our volunteers cannot relax yet.  The hot summer daze here in the valley takes its toll on wildlife.  But one of our volunteers had the solution for offering her tortoises a resort-like environment and giving them a luau!  Here are some pics of her tortoises enjoying the good life. 

Love my umbrella!

Remember that tortoises, like all wildlife species, require very specific environment, living conditions, and specialized diet to remain healthy.  They cannot live on lettuce!!! Tortoises also need to hibernate over the winter and preparation for this process needs someone who is familiar with their habits and needs.  Before you think of adopting a desert tortoise, contact a wildlife expert to find out more about the species.  And remember, captive tortoises should never be returned to the wild.

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