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From The Director’s Chair

Nancy, the Director of East Valley Wildlife, was the ‘inventor’ of the Panic Button for our website. At least it was her idea and then the technical team took over to bring the concept to fruition.  So far it has been working really well.  Nancy even has the idea to ask a caller to take a photo of the rescued bird with their camera telephone (if available.)  Then, through the magic of computer networking, Nancy is able to (probably) identify the type of bird.  But, alas, the strategy is not fool-proof…as Nancy found out.  She received a telephone call  recently from a lady who was certain that she had rescued a thrasher.  The bird turned out to be a grackle.



There is another addition to Lisa’s Creatures.  The newest arrival is Timber, a baby beaver.  I often wonder how Lisa comes up with these cute names.  Looking at this baby’s sweet face, there’s no doubt that he will be a great hit with the kids in Lisa’s educational programs.


Bird Tracks Blog Up and Running

Thanks to our technical team, the East Valley Wildlife Bird Tracks Blog is back up and running.  The new website design with the much-awaited PANIC BUTTONS is a success!  The blog site will continue to give short stories from our volunteers; items of interest and ‘alerts’ about the doings and happenings of other wildlife rescue groups.  In the transition to our new website, we lost some of our ‘archived’ articles.  But no fear… this blogger is a ‘hoarder’ of articles, so as time goes by you might see some old stories that you remember from the archives…as I find them on my computer.  Our volunteers have been exceptionally busy this season, a bumper crop of rescues and ducklings. It is worth a mention, that during baby bird season, try not to have trees trimmed, especially the tall palm trees.  In my own yard I saw several doves busily engaged in nest building. At the same time our home owners association sent notices to get palm trees trimmed.  Bad timing! I called the HOA to alert them to the fact that this is not a good time for anyone to be hacking off large bits of palm frond, where there are probably baby nestlings.  Hopefully their compassion has been aroused and they will wait until later to notify home owners about any required tree trimming.


About EVW

East Valley Wildlife is a non-profit organization of in-home wildlife volunteers who care for songbirds, quail, waterbirds, waterfowl and small mammals such as bunnies and squirrels. We do not have a central facility nor do we handle raptors (hawks, owls, etc.) or larger mammals. We have been caring for orphaned and injured wildlife since 1989. Our main goals are to release as many of our little critters back into the wild as possible so they may lead productive natural lives; and to educate the public on the value of protecting our natural resources.

Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes ranging in age from great-grandparents to the young junior volunteers. Economic backgrounds are just as varied…airline pilots, real estate agents, teachers, construction workers, auto mechanics, homemakers, nurses and engineers to name a few. Everyone is bound together by a desire to help the wildlife in need.


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