Clean That Birdbath!

The temps are rising here in the Valley of the Sun. Many people keep birdbaths in their yards, for the beauty of seeing their winged visitors and providing them with some refreshments when the temperatures soar.  Please remember to keep that birdbath clean, by scrubbing the birdbath regularly and changing the water daily.  Dirty water can spread disease among our feathered friends. Positioning the birdbath in some shaded area of the yard can help keep the water cooler and fresher.  Remember, if you have roaming cats in the area, position the birdbath where the bird visitors have ample notice of an approaching cat. Also, if you hang hummingbird feeders in your yard to attract those beauties of nature, remember to clean those regularly. The typical hummingbird feeder mixture can grow bacteria rapidly in hot weather.  Likewise, position the feeder where predators do not have easy access – or ants can get into the sweet nectar! Lastly, if you see people feeding waterfowl their old (or fresh) bread…please caution them that a diet of this kind can make ducks and geese very ill. I believe it is the yeast in the bread that breeds bacteria, but don’t quote me on that.  If you have any other hints for us during these hot weather days that will help wildlife, please pass them on in the comments section! Always glad to hear from you.


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