As promised, I went back to some archived articles to repost a few of them. This gem came from our volunteer, Ginger, about a chicken rescue.

I got a call last week from a young man in Mesa.  He had a chicken that hopped the block wall into his yard and fell into his pool.  It was bitter cold that night.  The poor chicken was soaked to the bone.  It was evident that she was under attack, most likely by a dog, and that is what caused her to leap the fence.  She had most of her tail feathers missing.  Poor girl!  I wrapped her in a warm towel, brought her home and put her in an aviary holding pen with a heat lamp.  I checked on her several times during the night, and she seemed okay, but she was whimpering and shivering.  I wasn’t sure that she’d pull through.  Next morning there she was standing in the pen all bright and cheery ready to face the day.  It turns out that she is a Black Australorp chicken.  Very pretty girl, well except for the torn tail feathers.  She’s very friendly and can be pet and picked up easily.  She is up for adoption, but I’m pretty sure that Jeannie will be taking her into her flock.

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