A Happy Christmas Story

No, I haven’t gone crazy. This story came to me from Ginger around Christmas of last year.  Being a hoarder of good news, I kept the blog on file. As Ginger wrote…timing is everything.

Submitted by: Ginger

“I got a call in November about a cockatiel that was found in a city park.  It was weak and seemed to be lost.  One of the Scottsdale employees was kind enough to bring it to me.  I made an appointment to have it seen by Dr Driggers, the avian vet we use for all the birds.  The day of the appointment, I got a call from a woman who had found a cockatiel in her backyard.  She brought it to me that morning.  Timing is everything!  I was able to get both birds to the vet at the same time.  The vet said that both cockatiels were severely underweight and that I shouldn’t be surprised if they did not survive.  I nursed them along for several weeks and they did great.  I kept the birds in separate cages in my quarantine room so that I could monitor their progress and make sure that both were eating.  In mid December, after all the tests came back negative, they were ready to be moved out of quarantine.  I brought them up to be with my other birds so that they could have more activity around them, and I even placed them both in the same cage so they’d have each others company.  Then, the week before Christmas, I got a call from a woman that adopted a Cockatiel from me two years ago.  She wanted to know if I had any more that might be up for adoption.  Again, timing is everything!  She came and picked them up two days before Christmas.”

Blogger’s Note: Not all such stories have such happy endings.  Our volunteers, those who handle domesticated species, are finding that there is an increase of abandoned birds, some left in foreclosed and empty homes, some released “back to the wild”. The domestic birds that are released have very little chance of surviving on their own. “Released” birds cannot feed themselves and most often fall victim to predators, both human and animal.

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