This morning I overslept until 8 AM.  When I walked out the front door to get the newspaper, I noticed a neighbor’s cat by my gate.  I shooed him off and then noticed a little baby dove in a plastic container that someone had put by the gate where the shade was.  If I had walked out there 30 seconds later, that bird would have been cat breakfast! 

 Later a guy called, said he lived nearby and had found the bird and brought it over.  (If he knocked on the door, I didn’t hear it.)  But he did get instructions to never do that again.  People need to realize that they can’t show up at a rehabber’s house unannounced with a rescued animal. And, leaving a rescued animal on the rehabber’s doorstep, especially in this  hot weather can be a death sentence for the animal.  Remember, contrary to popular opinion….Rehabbers are human…they do oversleep; they get sick; they even go on vacation (rarely); or like many of us they use their garage door and never look on the front stoop.  Also, most volunteers specialize in certain animals…SO taking a Cactus Wren to a rehabber who handles only doves or ducks is like taking a parrot to a vet that only takes in cats and dogs.  The right diet and housing is needed for the various species. 

Luckily this story has a happy ending…the little dove was literally saved in the nick of time and is happily cuddled up with 5 new nestmates.

article submitted by: Nancy

Blogger’s note:  East Valley Wialdlife wants to thank all those kind-hearted people who take the time to rescue an animal…but Please, when you find an animal and bring it to a volunteer, call ahead, find out if that volunteer takes that species and don’t just leave the bird on the stoop!

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