Woodpeckers and Flickers


Woodpecker and Flicker

Gila Woodpecker and Flicker

Woodpeckers are cavity nesters; they nest in tree holes and here in the Southwest, they make homes in cacti. 

Woodpeckers are a two parent household where both male and female share incubation and child rearing duties.


Zygodactl Foot

Zygodactl Foot


Woodpeckers can be identified by their specific foot design where two toes face forward and two toes face backward.

The other two birds that have this foot design are the roadrunner and the cuckoo.



The woodpecker's tongue is unique in that it has microscopic barbs on the tip and they touch/taste with their tongues.  These tips, though, can get caught in fiber such as terry cloth so only use tightly woven fibers such as a linen dish towel for containment lining.  Make sure there are no raveled edges.  If the tongue does get caught, don't try to pull it off!  You could rip off the barbs and do permanent damage to the bird. Woodpecker Tongue


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Gila Woodpecker

Woodpecker Hatchling

gila woodpecker hatchling
you can already see the sturdy tail is evident

Gila Woodpecker Hatchling

gila woodpecker hatchling
this shows the toe formation with two toes forward, two toes backward

Gila Woodpecker Hatchling

gila woodpecker hatchlings
this shows the toe formation with two toes forward, two toes backward

gila woodpecker Woodpeckers use those sturdy tails for balance as they climb around a tree

Baby Gila Woodpeckers

gila woodpecker nestlings

Woodpecker Fledgling

gila woodpecker fledgling
note the ridge on the top of the head

Gila Woodpecker Woodpecker and Cactus Wren

It's easy to see why some people might think a compromised adult woodpecker has a head wound,
but the male Gila Woodpecker has a natural red mark on the top of his head.

Gila Woodpecker



Gila Woodpecker



Flicker Flicker
Female Flicker


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Last updated November 1, 2022