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Timber the Beaver Goes Walkies

Wow! Grass!

Timber the beaver is one of the educational animals of “Lisa’s Creatures” Program. He was a juvenile not too long ago, but look at him now! Timber actually has his own halter and seems to enjoy walkies around the yard. When he is not hanging around the house, Timber joins Lisa’s other “critters” as part of the educational program where youngsters can get “up close and personal” with exotic animals.


Colette and Corky photo

Colette & Corky make a cute couple

Here is another phots of Colette and Corky – the pari of capyabaras, making their home with Lisa of Lisa’s Creatures.  These two will grow to be 150 pounds each, so will need plenty of space to roam.


Colette & Corky – the Capyabaras

Colette will grow to be 150 pounds!

from Lisa of Lisa’s Creatures

“After wanting one for years, I finally have a baby capyabara.  I have named her Colette.    Corky is an unrelated male, who is going to live with friends.  Check out the feet.  Capys have such cute webbed feet.  Colette is going to be raised as an indoor pet.  When this does not work out, and it probably will not, she will join her “husband” on horse property.  Capyabaras grow to be about 150lbs.  Right now Colette is just a few pounds.  We are told that raising them separately will help with their socialization.  I am delighted.  I have wanted a capyabara since I was a kid. ”

Lisa heads our Education Program which is accessed through the Chandler & Gilbert Arizona Parks and Recreation Departments. Youngsters can get up and close with exotic animals like the capyabara.  Unfortunately, Lisa is not able to bring her “critters” to private events, like children’s parties or scout meetings. A reminder that keeping exotic animals requires special licensing, as well as a knowledge of the needs of the particular species.


Quinn becomes a star!

Another of Lisa’s Creatures, Quinn, the patagonia cavy, became a star with an article in Tails Magazine. The article was written by Kevin Lambert of the magazine. Here is the link to follow to read the entire article. or if you have trouble opening the link, just long onto Tails Magazine, which also has a free email newsletter. Mentioned in the article is the Association of Professional Wildlife Educators and you can find out more information about that group by going to We wonder if Quinn is getting any fan mail yet??


Spotted Skunk Animal Ambassador

I’m the newest animal ambassador!

This is the latest addition to Lisa’s Creatures posse of animal ambassadors – a spotted skunk.  Cute critter does not have a name yet…Romeo or Juliet???


Echo the Paca

Love my spots!

Another of Lisa’s Creatures is Echo, the paca.  A paca is a large South American rodent, but don’t call him a rat!  Echo’s fur is actually lovely shades of brown, with many marvelous spots, and he has big soft eyes.
Echo has found a great home with Lisa and her family.
Blogger’s Note: Photo was Submitted in 2010


Timber the Beaver-close up

Hello world!

Here is a new photo of Timber, the baby beaver, another of Lisa’s Creatures, or as I call it “Lisa’s Noahs Ark”.  I think this photo was taken just as Timber was coming from his bathtime, which he enjoys immensely.  Timber is also a real hit with the children during the educational program that Lisa holds at Gilbert, Arizona’s Parks and Recreation. The program gives children the opportunity to learn about exotic animals (and some domestic ones) that are part of Lisa’s ‘menagerie.’  It takes special licensing and an immense dedication to care for many of the animals.  Each one requires a different diet, as well as a knowledge of habitat and other requirements.  Some of the ‘critters’ are ones that are never seen, outside of zoos.


Lisa’s Creatures on Animal Planet!

Will I be famous?

Here is a close-up of Brisbane, the cuscus, one of Lisa’s Creatures.  Brisbane is getting up close and personal with the camerman of Animal Planet.  Brisbane is an adorable female cuscus and one of the exotic ‘critters’ of Lisa’s educational program. Stay tuned here for information about when the episode will air on the Animal Planet!
photo submitted by Lisa of Lisa’s Creatures
Blogger’s note:  The cuscus is an exotic animal.  Very special licensing is required to take care of such animals. In addition, such ‘exotics’ need highly specialized diets, knowledge and environment to survive outside their native habitat. 


Free Range Chicken…or Chicken with Free Range?

Here is another story from our archives about Evie, the finely dressed hen. Evie was later renamed Buttercup!

Meet Evie, the East Valley Wildlife Hen.  Sporting her pink diaper, this finely dressed fowl struts her stuff around the house.  Evie is an important new addition to our collection of animal ambassadors.  This educational outreach animal reminds children and adults about the importance of being kind to all species, even those we think of as food providers. 

submitted by: Lisa



There is another addition to Lisa’s Creatures.  The newest arrival is Timber, a baby beaver.  I often wonder how Lisa comes up with these cute names.  Looking at this baby’s sweet face, there’s no doubt that he will be a great hit with the kids in Lisa’s educational programs.