Falling in Love with South Dakota

roaming peacocks

Recently returned from South Dakota.  Spent an idyllic week in a log cabin near Custer State Park for a conference.  The wildlife was awesome…I mean LARGE wildlife, like tons of bison roaming free (or freeish) in Custer State Park.  It snowed the second day I was there and the native South Dakotans said that it was really rare for snow that early in September.  Visited Mt. Rushmore, of course, and another impressive memorial work…The Crazy Horse Memorial.  I suggest a visit and make sure you partake of the brief movie in the visitor center.  You will leave the movie with a very different perspective of the amount of work that has been accomplished and remains to be done on the memorial.  I added a photo of some interesting “wildlife”, peacocks!  Not sure if they are indigenous or just found their way to the area.  Also saw some wild turkey…BIG birds, but too skittish to get a good photo of them.  COMING NEWS….We will soon have a guest blogger!  Looking forward to her new “voice” in this blog.  If you have any interesting ideas for a blog, send me a comment.

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