Things Are Heating Up!

Hi,  After a really hectic baby season here at EVW, we are moving into another busy time.  I wrote previously about our major efforts to move into the twenty first century with our technical doings.  The e-book, Off To A Flying Start, is coming along nicely.  Following an extended  editorial telephone conference, we will soon have the beginnings of a workable document.  Then our techie guru can begin her magic on revisions later this year.  There have been updates to our website and a new Volunteer Response Form.  We hope to have the Volunteer Response Form interactive sometime soon.  If a potential volunteer expresses interest in our work, they will be able to complete the form on line, rather than mailing the form back to us.  Since most of us have forgotten what a postage stamp looks like, this will be a major leap forward!  We will have the new Volunteer Handbook ready shortly. We plan to make that available on line also.  The e-newsletter, Bird Tracks,  is celebrating its anniversary this month!  Cannot believe that only six months ago I was struggling with making sense of how to build an e-newsletter!  Thanks to many of you for your contributions about possible topics.  And the big news…we just might have a guest blogger!!  That is still “in the works”.  I felt it was time to give another voice to this blog, with fresh ideas, topics and new approach to content.  So…stay tuned for more developments.

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