Any Leftover Easter Goodies????

I thought the title might catch your eye! You might be thinking, ugh!  If I still have Easter candy left over, I would NOT want to eat it!  No candy, but what we are seeking are donations of empty Easter baskets for 2015 Easter Basket Bonanza fund raiser.  We are also in need of clean stuffed toys and small games with an “Spring/Easter” theme.  We could also use ribbons.  Our Easter Basket fundraiser has been a great success for many years.  It has been such a success that we have run out of baskets!  We work on the baskets throughout the year.  Each basket is given a “theme”, for example a “truck” basket, or a “jungle” basket (filled with ‘wild’ stuffed animals).  We become VERY creative when it comes to filling the baskets (last season we had a rubber ducky basket and a pony basket).  Our baskets do not have any candy in them.  Also, During the Spring/Easter season we encourage the public to “Get Stuffed!”  We ask them to purchase a cute cuddly stuffed animal and not a live duckling or chick.  Live baby animals are NOT toys!  So if you have any nice looking baskets, we would love to take them off your hands! along with those toys, games and ribbons.    Send an email to Nancy at that you have baskets to donate!  THANKS.

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