Upcoming New Handbooks!

We will be working on our Waterfowl Handbook and Volunteer Handbook in the next few months, with plenty of updates. Stay tuned. The work on our coming e-book, Off To A Flying Start, continues, and we are seeking a volunteer to help with the graphics. Things have calmed down a bit after a very busy Spring baby season, but we get plenty of calls, especially following a monsoon. Our Bird Tracks e-newsletter has picked up many new subscribers and the open rate is double the average non-profit e-newsletter! The September e-newsletter will contain a section on what it takes to become a rehabber, how and where to meet the appropriate licensing requirements in Arizona. Go to our website, www.eastvalleywildlife.org and click on the subscribe option for the e-newsletter. While you are on the website, click on the Facebook link to read articles by our Director, Nancy, and some great photographs of recent rescues. East Valley Wildlife also is on Linked In, and we have quite an interesting group of people who are linked to our site. For the past year, EVW has really hit the ground running in terms of social media! Stay tuned for more updates.

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