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Summer Sizzles in the Valley

Noted that I have not posted in a while. Spring is one of busiest seasons for rehabbers, plenty of babies to deal with. But the summer has been hectic also, due to some sudden storms. Our Director, Nancy, has been up to capacity, when calls come in about birds being swept from nests due to rain and wind. Check out our website advice, because often there is the possibility of “renesting” a bird, particularly a dove. Doves are excellent parents and will continue to take care of their nestlings, even when the baby is on the ground. But that is not a safe place for it, so we have some hints about replacing the nest…or making a new nest. Watch carefully, and the parents might just return to take care of their babies. We are also in the process of compiling the information for our e-book. The working title is…Off To A Flying Start. The e-book will be for rehabbers and those who want to learn more about the care of songbirds here in this area. I will be posting information about the progress of the e-book. We have also started the new e-newsletter. The title is Bird Tracks, and many of you will recognize that title from our “hard copy” of the newsletter. The e-newsletter is a free subscription and is full of helpful information and updates. Nancy often submits a column for the newsletter. Log onto our website and click on the e-newsletter button to subscribe. We never share or sell email addresses! After you subscribe, the Bird Tracks newsletter will appear in your inbox notification each month, around the middle of each month. There is also a way to unsubscribe, but we hope you will not do that. We also hope that you will share the e-newsletter with others and ask them to subscribe. We are on a mission to get 100 new subscribers to the e-newsletter in 100 days!