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An E-Book is Coming!

We are beginning the daunting task of putting together an e-book, which we hope to publish in a few months.  We are currently doing the groundwork of selecting material for each chapter along with photos and illustrations…along with planning an awesome cover image.  The publication of an e-book is similar to traditional publishing of a “paper” book, but in many ways can offer the author a wider range of distribution.  The reader also has the advantage of being able to access the book immediately and to read the book on a variety of mobile devices…Kindle, ipod, laptop, etc.  In addition, the font size can be changed to accommodate easy reading.  All in all, this is an exciting project. Stay tuned!


A Great Rescue Magazine

While waiting at my vets office, I was browsing the magazine shelf.  Amidst the many other “animal” magazines was a gem titled…Ready,Set,Rescue…  We at East Valley Wildlife mainly rescue wildlife, native species of birds and small mammals.  We also have an education division, Lisa’s Creatures, that has many exotics as animal ambassadors.  The magazine that I read was unusual since it was an excellent source of article, tips, online resources, training and information about special needs pets, all of them rescued and adopted.  The magazine covered dogs, cats, parrots, reptiles, and many exotic species.  There was a also a directory of agencies that help with information about adopted animals.  So, when you have a minute check out Ready,Set,Rescue Magazine if you have a rescued pet or intend to rescue one.


Baby Season Is Upon Us!

A newborn cottontail

The new season started early this year.  Baby bunnies were arriving.  Now the baby birds arrive for our volunteer to rescue and rehab. From now until the end of summer will be the busiest time for our volunteers.  We also had our fund raiser, The Easter Basket Bonanza this past Sunday.  We make Easter Baskets and sell them at The Epiphany Church Methodist each year.  The members of the church also buy baskets to donate to the Child Crisis Center.  The baskets this year were wonderful, each one with a unique theme and filled with stuffed animals and toys.  We also encourage people at this time of year to “Get Stuffed!”.  Rather than buying live chicks and ducklings for the Season, we ask that they gift stuffed toys instead.  A live baby chick or duckling makes a BAD gift.  They grow up quickly and cannot be released, since they are too tame and cannot fend for themselves on a lake.  A baby duckling will never be “adopted” by another duck!