Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

Hi, Yesterday was our EVW Christmas Basket Luncheon. A great success. Old and new volunteers attended and the kids were enthralled with Lisa’s critters and Barb’s two big tortoises. The baskets, exquisite creations by Darlene, are being delivered today by our delivery elves. The baskets go to our professional supporters, like the veterinarians who are so kind to us throughout the year. I wanted to suggest that this year many people are using not for profit donations as a way to give a gift…a gift for those who have everything! You can make a gift a charity in the name of someone. What a wonderful idea, since it really gives TWO gifts, one to the person who receives the gift notification and the other to the charity. If you visit our website you will see a place to give a donation to East Valley Wildlife…if you think that one of your friends or loved ones would like to know that a gift has been given in their name to a wildlife rescue group. There are other wonderful charities out there who need help also. A site that you might want to visit for your holiday shopping is the animal rescue site. They have an extraordinary collection of gifts for everyone…many of them with animal themes. One of my favorites are the kittie slipper socks. And all are at bargain prices with free shipping… if you order a certain amount. A grand way to let your fingers do the shopping this holiday season. I will be posting some pics soon!

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