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A Call For Volunteers- Adopt A Duck!!

East Valley Wildlife was founded in 1989 with a small group of volunteers who decided to make a difference in the lives of our native bird species.  We rescued doves, sparrows, song birds and yes….even pigeons.  Our volunteers rehabilitated the orphaned and the injured and released those ready for freedom.  In the process we evolved into a large network of volunteers, spread throughout the East Valley area of Arizona.  Nancy, our Founder and Director, started a special “team” of waterfowl volunteers and those kind individuals have attempted to rescue domesticated waterfowl who have been abused and abandoned on the canals of our area.  Domesticated ducks do not usually survive amongst native waterfowl since they lack the necessary skills  to feed themselves.  These domestic ducks fall victim to both human and animal predators.  We are seeking more volunteers who can raise abandoned ducklings, ducks and other waterfowl.  People with “horse property” are desirable since their properties can provide the space needed.  Also, there are no homeowner association restrictions that might prevent adoption of ducks or geese.  So, if you know of someone who would be willing to take adopt a duck, please check out our website to learn more about our volunteer program, education and contact us to Adopt A Duck! 


East Valley Wildlife now on LinkedIn

It’s been the early beginning of a long, hot summer here in Arizona.  We have already experienced tragedies in the form of recent wildfires, along with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees (early in the season for such heat).  But we are a sturdy group and the work of wildlife rescue, rehab and release carries on.  If you are reading this blog, please remember to provide some relief to our native birds.  A backyard bird fountain provides a source of water in these hot months.  Just remember to Please…keep that fountain clean, since dirty water can act as a source of disease to those birds you are trying to help.  Locate the bird bath in a shaded area, if possible and in an area that is protected from stray cats.  East Valley Wildlife is now on LinkedIn, so anyone can join in with a pertinent discussion.  I will be moderating the group…called  East Valley Wildlife…catchy name.  You will know us by our logo.  Please join in on the new LinkedIn site and start a discussion on a topic that might help all of our volunteers.

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