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Annual Christmas Basket Luncheon Sunday

Each holiday season the volunteers of East Valley Wildlife get together for the annual Christmas Basket Luncheon.  This has become a much anticipated tradition for our organixzation.  The luncheon includes the basket decorating/stuffing event, led by the talented Darlene. The “one-of-a-kind” baskets will be distributed to our supporters throughout the valley, those very special people who make our work possible.  The “transport” elves make sure that the baskets are delivered on time.  An important part of the luncheon is, of course, the food!  And each year the culinary skills of the volunteers is amazing.  The homemade treats are part of the basket bonanza, along with other whimsical gifts.  The luncheon is pot luck, and the variety of foods grows bigger each year.  This year we are looking forward to a visit from Lisa’s Critters to round out the event.  The Christmas basket luncheon is not only a great tradition, but it is also a way for our volunteers to meet and greet old friends and new.  Remember that our volunteers all work from their homes, so many of our members do not meet each other frequently.  This is one occasion where everyone can enjoy the good food and wonderful comraderie of EVW. Stay tuned for photos of the event!