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Christmas Basket Luncheon

The end of baby bird season does not lessen the work that our volunteers  do. Injuries continue to arrive at the door. Which leaves me quickly to remind people to use “decals” on their large windows to prevent bird “strikes”. Other injuries come from birds that are caught by cats. Probably one of the more deadly injuries, since even if the bird survives the attack, the bacteria from teeth and claws usually kill the bird eventually. Two things that people can do is to “bell” their cat ( placing a bell on their collar) and to keep wandering cats in at night. Besides taking care of injuries, our volunteersare continuuing their education.  There was a wonderful attendance at the annual Feathered Friends Festival, which includes talks and seminars about caring for “winged” wildlife. On December 9 East Valley Wildlife holds the Christmas Basket Luncheon. Besides enjoying the potluck meals, our volunteers outdo themselves with decorating baskets and baking goodies for our supporters.  The one-of-a-kind baskets are then delivered to individuals and groups who have offered so much support to us throughout the year. So, the work of EVW does not stop, even in winter here in the valley!