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Grant Funding Opportunity

It bears repeating that I subscribe to an online grant writing site that offers updates for grant funding opportunities.  The grants of interest to EVW usually fall under the category of either…  Animal Welfare…or… Environment.  Unfortunately, this year has not been a good year for Foundations to grant monies to not-for-profits in our category – Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation.  But I will pass on an opportunity if your .org is involved with dog shelter/rescue work.  The Pedigree Foundation (yep-the dog food people) has joined forces with the PetFinder Foundation ( to offer a total of $150,000 in increments of $1,000 grants to non profits  involved with dog rescue work.  And I think that $1,000 can buy lots of biscuits for your group!  There is no posted deadline for the grants – the funding continues until the $150,000 runs out. So be one of the first to apply (my calculation tells me that there will be 150,000 non profits who each could get a lovely $1,000 check).  You will have to go to the Pedigree Foundation website to get details of the application process.  And good luck!


End Of Season

For  bird rehabbers, the end of baby bird season is something to celebrate each year.  We LOVE our work, but it can get intense sometimes when the temperatures remain over 100 degrees here in the valley!  Keeping in mind, that the administrative work of a .org like East Valley Wildlife continues throughout the year.  There are conferences to attend; required exams for further education in rehabbing and licensing; the omni-present fund raising and community events; volunteer education and recruitment as well as Board Meetings to keep our all-volunteer group on track for the coming year. But for now, we can take a deep breath and give the telephone message machine a rest. Baby bird season is officially over!