What Kind of Baby Bird Did I Find?????

this is sketch of immature dove

The season is upon us and our volunteers are receiving calls throughout the day.  One of the tasks in screening those calls is to try to find out what kind of bird the caller has rescued.  This is often difficult with baby birds, but here are some hints.  You will find more information, of course, on our website.  Baby doves are common here in the valley.  The baby doves are covered with a soft ‘fur-like’ down on their bodies.  Baby song birds, on the other hand, are born naked, with their eyes closed.  Here are some sketches to help you with identifying the difference. You might notice that baby doves are somewhat ‘cuter’ when very young and baby song birds look like some tiny ‘alien’ creature with large rounded stomachs!  Remember, the best chance for such young birds to survive is to get the help of a trained rehabber as soon as possible.

this is sketch of baby song bird

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