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Happy New Year and Thanks

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with health, peace, and prosperity.  Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who make our mission of rescue and rehab possible. We also appreciate our supporters and the kind people who rescue an injured or orphaned animal. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, it is easy…you do not need specialized experience. We train our volunteers and “newbies” can get support from experienced volunteers through our “bird buddie” program. Even if you can only help with “fostering” a few birds, particularly waterfowl…give us a call. We particularly need help in “baby bird season” which here in the valley can begin as early as March.

Happy 2012 and we hope to see you at one of our meetings!


Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas to our wonderful East Valley Wildlife volunteers, our supporters and our friends. We are grateful for all the work of our volunteers to keep EVW a place of comfort and rehabilitation for wildlife. We hope that next year will be a healthy, happy and prosperous one for everyone.


Lisa with her Patagonia Cavy-Quinn

Lisa and Quinn-stars of Animal Planet

This is the photo of Lisa with Quinn, soon to be featured on Animal Planet – Dec. 10.


Lisa of EVW on Animal Planet

Follow this link for an article about Lisa Limbert of EVW and her animal ambassadors who will be a feature on Animal Planet.  Although the title of the Animal Planet show is Pets101, Lisa’s critters are anything but your average “pets” and Lisa makes clear that her animals require special licensing and care. Watch the episode on Dec. 10!


EVW Christmas Basket Luncheon

Lovely baskets heaped with home-made treats

The time is just around the corner, December 11, for the annual Christmas Basket Luncheon of our group.  EVW volunteers gather at the home of Patty to enjoy holiday goodies and pack the Christmas baskets with homemade treats. The baskets are then distributed to our supporters around the Valley who have helped EVW continue our work of rescue and rehabilitation. The photo is from last year’s luncheon and you can see that the decorated baskets (creations of Darlene – one of our volunteers) are truly beautiful…each one is a one-of-a-kind.  This annual event brings our volunteers together to share stories and also to get “up close and personal” with some of Lisa’s Creatures.


Timber the Beaver Goes Walkies

Wow! Grass!

Timber the beaver is one of the educational animals of “Lisa’s Creatures” Program. He was a juvenile not too long ago, but look at him now! Timber actually has his own halter and seems to enjoy walkies around the yard. When he is not hanging around the house, Timber joins Lisa’s other “critters” as part of the educational program where youngsters can get “up close and personal” with exotic animals.