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EVW Board Meeting and Newsletter

The EVW Board

Ginger, Barb, Patti, Sherri, Darlene, Nancy & Lisa. Marge took photo

A Board Meeting of East Valley Wildlife was held this past Sunday at Nancy’s home.  Several topics were on the agenda including discussions of the newsletter format and the website.  Lisa brought her newest “critter” to be introduced to the Board members.  His name is Felix and he is just about the cutest possum you will ever see. Along with plans for the annual Christmas Basket Luncheon, there was also a planning session about the coming fund raising event – ‘Help Feed the Babies’.  It was noted that the costs for the feeding of rescued and rehabilitated animals has been increasing over the years and volunteers continue to need assistance to maintain the animals in their care.  As an all volunteer network of wildlife rescue and rehabilitators, East Valley Wildlife has been in existence for over 22 years and is supported solely through annual membership dues, donations and grant funding.

Felix the possum with Lisa


Newsletter Coming Soon

Be a smart bird and read the raptors section of Bird Tracks!

For members and supporters of EVW, expect the annual issue of Bird Tracks to arrive in your mailbox soon.  The issue is filled with helpful hints and information about our organization. Also, the date, time and place of our annual Christmas Basket Luncheon is announced in the newsletter. The last page of the newsletter will have the names and telephone numbers of organizations throughout the valley that are involved in wildlife rescue and rehab work, along with some groups who help with domestic pets. So keep an eye on your mailbox for the “hard copy” of Bird Tracks. In the meantime, check the blog from time to time for updates and photos or our “doings and happenings” in the coming months.


Colette and Corky photo

Colette & Corky make a cute couple

Here is another phots of Colette and Corky – the pari of capyabaras, making their home with Lisa of Lisa’s Creatures.  These two will grow to be 150 pounds each, so will need plenty of space to roam.


Colette & Corky – the Capyabaras

Colette will grow to be 150 pounds!

from Lisa of Lisa’s Creatures

“After wanting one for years, I finally have a baby capyabara.  I have named her Colette.    Corky is an unrelated male, who is going to live with friends.  Check out the feet.  Capys have such cute webbed feet.  Colette is going to be raised as an indoor pet.  When this does not work out, and it probably will not, she will join her “husband” on horse property.  Capyabaras grow to be about 150lbs.  Right now Colette is just a few pounds.  We are told that raising them separately will help with their socialization.  I am delighted.  I have wanted a capyabara since I was a kid. ”

Lisa heads our Education Program which is accessed through the Chandler & Gilbert Arizona Parks and Recreation Departments. Youngsters can get up and close with exotic animals like the capyabara.  Unfortunately, Lisa is not able to bring her “critters” to private events, like children’s parties or scout meetings. A reminder that keeping exotic animals requires special licensing, as well as a knowledge of the needs of the particular species.